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History of Broadmoore

    Broadmoore Elementary was an integration of Apple Creek, Briarwood, and Central Elementary students.  Ms. Rogers, the first principal here, came up with a voting process for the school name, mascot, and colors.  Nominations were made by the students and ballots were developed and given to every potential student.  It took about three voting sessions to make the final decision.  The final decision was presented to the MPS Board of Education.  The process was really cool since the students were able to make the decisions.


   Broadmoore became North Central Accredited and was recognized as a Reading Renaissance School.  Many of the teachers have won outstanding awards at the local, state, and national levels.  The grade level teams were built around team planning of units and integration of content areas.  The faculty worked to raise the level of student achievement and received some of the best scores in the district.  Today, Broadmoore has a very warm and inviting nature that builds on its past strengths and continues to strive for excellence.